Fit to Judge


In a powerful message from Judges 4:4-5 Pastor Nelson celebrates the wisdom and leadership of women in the Biblical text and in the world around us, and helps us discern the lessons each of us can learn from our leadership. 


Who do you love? Are you for sure?

Preaching from Luke 4:14-21 Pastor Nelson Pierce Jr. reminds us that loving God is about more than spiritual devotion, it is about putting that love into practice by how we treat the most vulnerable in society and how we create systems that are life generative and just. 

Let's Close the Gap.

Preaching from Luke 18:18-23, Pastor Nelson Pierce Jr. invites us to close the gap between our proclamation of our following of Jesus and how we actually show up in the world in ways that brings greater love justice and liberation. Pastor Pierce reminds us that as we connect more deeply to Jesus, we are better able to do that hard things required to build a Beloved Community. 

Creativity in the Midst of Chaos.

Preaching from Genesis 1:1-5; 26-31, Pastor Nelson Pierce Jr. reminds us that God moves even in the chaos! Be encouraged and inspired to remember the truth of who we are and show up in the world as powerful and creative forces even amidst challenge and chaos. 

When Trying to do the Impossible.

Preaching from Genesis 11:1-9, Pastor Nelson Pierce Jr. encourages us not to be dissuaded by those who say that the justice we seek and the community we hope to build is impossible. He reminds us that the same God who helped our ancestors do the impossible will help us build the world anew!



The Battle for the Soul of America.

Pastor Nelson Pierce Jr. preaches from 1 Kings 18:20-39 to elevate the need for America to wrestle and reconcile with the history and legacy of racial oppression and decide what type of country we want to be today.



What to do Between the Moments.

Pastor Nelson Pierce Jr. preaches from 1 Kings 18:1-19 to elevate the importance of the moments between the public actions and how God calls us to show up together for justice.



What Should The Church Be Doing When The People Cannot Breathe?

On June 7th Rev. Nelson preached from I Kings 17: 17-24 to elevate for us the role of the church in times of great grief, pain, and upheaval. He reminds us that in these moments we must give people language to describe their pain and grief, join them in their mourning and lamenting, and stay with them in prayer and in works of restoration until we bring breath back into the community.



When You're Tired and the World is on Fire.

Reading from I Kings 19:1-18 Pastor Nelson Pierce Jr. reminds us that when we are tired and it seems chaos is erupting around us we can get up, go back the way we came, and get connected


God Always Shows Up.

Rev. Nelson Pierce Jr. shares a message from 1 Kings 17:6-17 that God is always with us and often shows up in the most unexpected places and ways. No matter what trials or tribulations we might face, God is always with us. God shows up!