We are a radically inclusive community working to bring about God's peace, love and justice in the world. 

We believe that God is always and everywhere working for the liberation of the oppressed and that we are called to join in the work for freedom. We are passionate in our pursuit of God's Shalom, and intentional in our resistance to oppression, both in ourselves, in our church, and in the community and world around us. We believe God calls us to engage with one another and in the community through acts of kindness and social justice. Jesus modeled this calling by living among and doing God's work with those society had placed on the margins.  At Beloved Community Church we take this calling seriously. 


What we believe

Everything we do ought to play a role in our liberation, healing, and restoration. From our Sunday worship service to our engagement in acts of social justice, everything we do is connected to our pursuit of peace and justice. 

The church can be and should be a healing place where people can come to be loved and accepted as they are. You don't have to change for God to love you. You don't have to change to belong to our family. We strive to be radically inclusive. 

God is always on the side of the oppressed in the struggle for liberation. For us that means God is on the side of Black people around the United States and around the world in their struggle against institutional and systemic racism.  

We are called to speak love to those who are oppressed and have their backs against the wall.

We are called to speak justice to those in power and those who align themselves with oppressive power. 

Church can be and should be a place to strategize. We should do more than just come to worship, we should plan how we can work together to make sure that God's love and justice is at work in the world.


Our Leaders

We are blessed to be led toward this call by courageous and servant leaders who are committed to liberation, love, justice and building a beloved community.