The Sunday Slowdown 

We believe that everything we do ought to play a role in our liberation, healing, and restorationFor us, this means that the experience of connecting with God, self and community cannot only happen during our Sunday worship service. We must learn to carry it into our weeks and integrate it into our lives.  Join us each week as we invite in the loving and transformative power of God during a weekly guided mindfulness meditation led by our First Lady Robin Wright-Pierce. 

Much like the power of collective prayer, there is power in collectively anchoring in God's love and presence by learning to turn our attention inward to the flow of God's spirit within allowing it to wash over us, heal us, and strengthen us.  In doing so, we can experience greater stillness, vibrancy, grounding, and wellbeing. Start your week with purpose, intention, and the pause.  

Call (701) 791-9803 Sundays at 8pm to join!