An Invitation to Power (#RR3)

The #RevolutionaryRelationship series continues with an answer to the question "why do we need #RevolutionaryRelationships?" "Into what are we inviting people?" Elijah had one of the biggest personal victories of anyone in the Bible at Mount Carmel, but he still was not able to change the unjust and oppressive government on his own. After a brief conversation, God tells Elijah to extend three invitations.  

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Invitation to Upgrade (#RR2)

Pastor Nelson continues his series on #RevolutionaryRelationships by focusing on the importance of being intentional about extending an invitation. #RevolutionaryRelationships do not happen automatically, they happen when someone is intentional about extending an invitation for a new or an improved relationship. 

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When Your Confidence is Compromised (#RRinterlude)

Everybody experiences failure in life, the question is how do you respond after you fail. Pastor Rick preached an insightful message on God's redemptive power that helps us bounce back from failure. 

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#RevolutionaryRelationships (#RR1)

As we started April, Pastor Nelson started a sermon series entitled Revolutionary Relationships. This series is designed to help us think about how we improve our existing relationships and/or build new relationships around us to help us become the people God is calling us to be. 

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