A Father's Faith

Luke 8:14 is the first verse of the story of a father who brings his son to Jesus looking for a miracle. The son is being forced to live out lie under political oppression and military occupation of the Romans, and that lie is causing the boy to hurt himself and put his life in danger. To add insult to injury the disciples and scribes are having a religious argument while the father is waiting for his miracle. 


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What Easter Means to Me As a Black Man

For many of us in the Christian faith, Easter or Ressurection Sunday, is the highlight of the church calendar. This year I have been thinking about what Easter means to me as a Black man in what Maya Angelou refers to as these yet to be United States of America.

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Drinking the Cup

Have you ever heard someone say "that's not my cup of tea"?  In this sermon Pastor Rick Sherrer uses this common phrase to examine what is, or ought to be in the Christian Cup. 

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Multi-Generational Mothering (#RR4)

Happy Mother's Day to every mother, and anyone who has taken on the role of mother. In our Mother's Day service, Pastor Nelson continues his look at #RevolutionaryRelationships by looking at the role that mother's play, not just to their biological children, but how mothering can occur across multiple generations. 

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