What to Expect

When visiting Beloved Community Church you can expect a transformative online Worship Service followed by an interactive Talk Back Service. Our virtual worship service starts each Sunday at 11 AM, but you can join us as early as 10:50 AM to listen to meditative music while you pray and ready your heart and spirit for worship. 

During worship you can expect to hear an opening prayer, songs of praise, artistic expressions, reflections, and a sermonic moment. Our worship service is followed by a Talk Back service where you will have an opportunity to engage with others around the worship service and connect it to your own personal journey. You will have an opportunity to share stories, hear from other congregants, ask the Pastor questions about the sermon all with the goal of enabling us all to grow, heal, and be transformed in community together. We believe at Beloved Community Church that we must be active participants in our own healing and transformation both as individuals and as a community.