Strategy: Strategic Direction and Strategic Priorities

Strategic Direction

Beloved Community Church will be the city-wide center of liberation based worship, Christian Education and community building.

Strategic Priorities

Dynamic and Liberating Worship

Our worship service is currently the heart of the amazing work we do. Our goals are to strengthen our worship service by investing in those who lead worship and to create opportunities for others in the city to join us in worship.


Christian Education for the City

Christian Education is the area where we can see the most growth during this plan. We have dynamic possibilities in Christian Education, but currently we are limited to our Wednesday Night Bible Study. Finding opportunities to provide more robust educational offerings for church attenders and the larger community could really strengthen our numbers. 


Community Building

This is the area many churches define as outreach or missions. We want to expand that thinking to both being a space and creating spaces where people come together to live, work, and play in liberating ways. This will include areas of traditional outreach, but ought to do those in ways that build community while doing outreach.


Communications and Branding

We cannot have an impact on the city, or the community if people do not know that we exist. Branding and communications strategies can seem so corporate, that they may not seem to fit churches, but we have to develop ways to tell our story. As we are able to capture people’s attention and talk about who we are, we can begin to widen our impact.



Money is important if we are going to do the work we want to in  a sustainable way. Over the next four years our goal is to increase financial capacity in the short term, while setting aside a little bit of money to each year to invest in the future of Beloved Community.



As the church grows in ministry and in membership our infrastructure needs to grow to make it possible to sustain the work that needs to happen. In the near future we will be training a group of deacons to carry out some of the ministry tasks of the church.

Pastor Nelson Pierce


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