Next Steps

How do we move from plan to action?

These are suggested activities that would help the church to take forward steps in many of the areas named in the strategic plan.

Communications and Community Engagement

  • Getting Signage for the GNL building
  • Voter Registration Drives
  • Avondale Community Involvement (incl. ACC)
  • Yearly Project (Cork Scholarship)
  • Quarterly Events that bring in the Community (Couples, Youth, Women, etc.)
  • Increase our Social Media Presence/Activity
  • Advertisement (Billboards? Commercials? Radio? Hot Cards?)
  • Reactivate Our Harvest Partnership

Finances and Operation

  • Create and Monitor an Annual Budget. (Hire a Bookkeeper.)
  • Revenue for 2 full time Salaries
  • Joint Building Development Funding with GNL33
  • Complete United Church of Christ Affiliation

Worship and Christian Education

  • Revamp (or just Promote?) Weekly Bible Study
  • Have Additional Christian Education Offerings (Weekend Offerings?)
  • 7 Last Words (of Liberation) service
Nelson Pierce


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