Dr. Robert M. Franklin, former president of Morehouse College, wrote about the need for anchor institutions in the African-American community. Franklin wrote the following about the mission of anchor institutions.

They gather us and, while binding us together in community, unleash creativity and possibilities for renewal that we could not have discovered acting alone, building alone, bowling alone, or going it alone.

As senior pastor of Beloved Community Church it is both my prayer and my plan to establish Beloved Community as an anchor institution in Avondale and in Cincinnati over the next 4-5 years. Avondale, in particular, and Cincinnati in general, is filled with untapped resources and energy that could help bring about a city filled with love and justice. I believe that our purpose is to both be community, and to help create community that can tap into this creative energy.

These posts are intended to provide a strategically informed direction to help guide Beloved Community Church over the next four years to make the decisions that will lead us to becoming an anchor institution. The purpose of this document is to clarify priorities for the purposes of helping the church to discern what opportunities to pursue, and what opportunities to not pursue over the next for years.

Here are the posts that will follow:


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