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    Ministers Retreat


    December 02, 2022 at 5:00pm - December 04, 2022 at 9:00am
    Martin Manor
    499 Elliston Rd
    Richmond, KY 40475
    United States
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    Spiritual Growth & Development

    Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow into salvation. - 1 Peter 2:2

    We are committed to supporting your spiritual maturity and your pursuit of your own liberation in the context of communal liberation. We use our Sunday Worship Service and other modes of spiritual enrichment to guide and support your journey toward spiritual maturity. Spiritually mature leaders seek to know God inwardly and outwardly and use that knowing to fuel their pursuit of liberation for all oppressed people. Spiritually mature leaders are able to take responsibility for their own emotions and thoughts while also allowing space for others to do the same. This is why we offer a weekly Sunday Slowdown and a twice monthly spiritual wisdom circle to build in space to connect more deeply with God, self, and community.

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    Fit to Judge


    In a powerful message from Judges 4:4-5 Pastor Nelson celebrates the wisdom and leadership of women in the Biblical text and in the world around us, and helps us discern the lessons each of us can learn from our leadership. 


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    Letter of Condolence for the Friends and Family of Riki

    It is hard to find words for the complex set of emotions that we feel when someone we love dies. For some of us, our minds try to make sense of what has happened to help us to cope with it. For others of us, our emotions burst out in fits of tears or screams wanting to reject the awful news. Some of us feel the most intense emotions right away, others of us buckle down and get to work, holding off the emotions until later. Please know that however you and your family members are experiencing this loss, you have a community of people praying with and for you.

    If you ever have a specific prayer request you'd like to share with us you can do so by clicking here. 





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    Between May 29 and June 6 more than 500 people were arrested by the city of Cincinnati as the planned second step of a curfew imposed by Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley as a response to the protests that were organized on the heels of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

    The City arrested more than 500 people and charged them with "Misconduct at an Emergency," a first-degree misdemeanor that carries up to six months in jail and hefty fines. This charge was used solely for the purpose of corralling people and preventing protesters from remaining on the streets and exercising their human rights protected by the First Amendment. The City has called these “curfew violations” -- but this isn’t true. Curfew violations alone are simply ticketed offenses. Instead, the City of Cincinnati is going to the extreme by charging these protesters -- and bystanders who were on their way home from work -- with serious, bogus criminal charges carrying up to six months of jail time and large fines.  City Council is complicit -- passing a motion to encourage the Prosecutor to offer ways to dismiss the charges. But Council’s dismissal options are actually deceptive plea deals that will leave people who were simply exercising their First Amendment rights with criminal records that will hinder them for years to come--as well as deprive them of the option to seek justice for violations of their civil rights. We can't allow this gross injustice to happen! 


    It is time for the city of Cincinnati to immediately, and with prejudice* DROP THE CHARGES!

    We've been here before! In response to the Civil Rights movement the FBI worked with local law enforcement agencies to suppress and disrupt the actions of people working for justice. This criminalizing of the fight for Black lives has been but one part of the history of policing as a tool of racialized oppression in America. To do anything other than dropping the charges would be to continue the attack on people who have the courage to stand up for racial justice. 

    *To drop the charges with prejudice means that the city cannot bring these same charges against these individuals at a later time.

    4,368 signatures

    We are demanding that #CincyDropTheCharges immediately, and with prejudice.

    We call on the City of Cincinnati to drop the charges against all of those who were arrested during recent protests, marches and rallies. We believe that exercising one's First Amendment rights should not be an arrestable offense, and no one should be prosecuted for having the courage to fight for racial justice. Cincinnati can never become a just or equitable city if it arrests and prosecutes people who take to the streets and demonstrate to demand change and justice. It is time to drop the charges!

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    We take seriously the call to pursue justice and shalom in the world. We know that this pursuit requires the leadership of spiritually mature people committed to engaging politically in the community. We encourage you to lead and join in political action that supports the liberation of oppressed peoples. Your contributions matter and your spiritual and practical gifts can and will make a difference. This is why we are working hard to build stronger and safer communities, ensure families have adequate food and nutrition, and support organizers by hosting the Cincinnati Bail Fund.  

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    Connect to a community of love & restoration.

    We believe God calls us to engage with one another and in the community through acts of kindness and social justice. Jesus modeled this calling by living among and doing God's work with those society had placed on the margins.  At Beloved Community Church we take this calling seriously. If you interested in finding ways to engage with Beloved Community Church through worship, service or advocacy please fill out the form below so we can get connected. 

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    Thank you for giving to Beloved Community Church.

    Liberation always requires sacrifice. Lent is the season that we intentionally practice sacrifice. We invite you to share a sacrificial gift to support the liberation of Black people and all oppressed people! Beloved Community Church is made possible by the gifts of people like you, our members and friends. Please give today to help us continue our work to bring God's love and justice into the world. 






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    Roselawn United Survey

    Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Roselawn United Survey. This survey is intended for current Roselawn residents only. Your responses will be shared with Beloved Community Church, the Roselawn Community Council, and our partners as week seek to make Roselawn a stronger, safer community. 

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    RU Weekly

    June 12, 2015
    Posted by · July 09, 2015 8:08 PM

    June 5, 2015 RU Launch
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    June 5, 2015 RU Launch

    Today was the first day of our Roselawn United Canvass. After weeks of build-up, explanation and encouragement we were finally ready to go! We had a handfull of church members show up for the training.  During the training we emphasized the importance of listening while out in the neighborhood. I reminded our canvass team, "We are not going out to bring any message, we are going out to be a message..."

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