A Love That Never Leave.

Reading from Ruth 4:13-17, Pastor Nelson J. Pierce Jr. inspires us to embody a Christ-like love that never leaves. A love that thinks of others first, cultivates new growth and creation, and doesn't take the easy way out.


BCC Friends and Family Day, Voter Education Events, Community Meal and more...

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It's Your Time.

Pastor Nelson J. Pierce Jr. reads from Esther 4:12-16 and pulls lessons from the work of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party to remind us that now is our time to lean into the pull toward action and bring about justice in the world. 

I will find a way, or make one.

Using the scripture of Luke 8:43-48 and the story of Harriet Jacobs, Pastor Nelson J. Pierce Jr. reminds us that our liberation is important. Be inspired to find a way, or make one.  

A Father's Faith

Luke 8:14 is the first verse of the story of a father who brings his son to Jesus looking for a miracle. The son is being forced to live out lie under political oppression and military occupation of the Romans, and that lie is causing the boy to hurt himself and put his life in danger. To add insult to injury the disciples and scribes are having a religious argument while the father is waiting for his miracle. 


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Building As We Grow: An Introduction



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Core Commitments

Mission, Vision, Core Beliefs, Etc.

BCC Mission

To live into and share God’s revolutionary love and justice so that Cincinnati becomes God’s Community of Shalom.  

BCC Vision

We will be passionate in our pursuit God’s beloved community, and intentional in our resistance to oppression, both in ourselves, in our church, and in the community and world around us.

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Strategy: Strategic Direction and Strategic Priorities

Strategic Direction

Beloved Community Church will be the city-wide center of liberation based worship, Christian Education and community building.

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Implementation Part 2

Implementation Part 2

Our Communication Strategy: Target Audience, Target Message

One of the authors I read in Christian Education class made a statement similar to the following:

If we do not take time think about what we want to teach people and how we want to teach them, the best that we can hope we occasionally do what we are trying to do. God’s word and God’s people are too important to be that random.

I believe there is a similar point to be made about marketing and communication. If we are not clear about what our message is, and to whom we are targeting our message, our best hope is that occasionally we have the right message for the right audience. God’s word and God’s people are too important to be that random.

I know it can be tricky to talk about the work of the church in business terms, but I think there are some important lessons that we can draw.

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Implementation Part 1

Implementation Part 1

What Does Liberation Based Activity Look Like?

Particularly around the activities related to Worship, Christian Education, and Community Engagement


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