Defund Cincinnati Police Department

Watch the full video of Rev. Pierce speech.

Since 2000 the population in Cincinnati has been about 42% African-American. During that same time African-Americans have made up:

  • Approximately 70% of adult arrests   
  • Approximately 85% of juvenile arrests
  • Approximately 74% of use of force incidents 

To make matters worse, the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police is refusing accountability, most recently by leaving the table for the refresh of the Collaborative Agreement


10,000 signatures

We are Calling for a Citywide Divestment from the Police and Investment In Black Communities.

We call on the City of Cincinnati to divest resources away from policing in the city's budget and reallocate those resources to the healthcare, housing and education our people deserve. For too long the city has treated problems caused by a systematic lack of investment into Black communities with the iron fist of the criminal justice system. But more officers, guns, jails and prisons only lead to greater racial disparities, injustices, and police violence. It's time for the city to prioritize its people.

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