Mission, Vision, Core Beliefs, Etc.

BCC Mission

To live into and share God’s revolutionary love and justice so that Cincinnati becomes God’s Community of Shalom.  

BCC Vision

We will be passionate in our pursuit God’s beloved community, and intentional in our resistance to oppression, both in ourselves, in our church, and in the community and world around us.

BCC Core Beliefs

God is always on the side of the oppressed in the struggle for liberation. For us that means God is on the side of Black People around in the United States and around the world in their struggle against institutional and systemic racism.

The church can be and should be a healing place, where people can come to be loved and accepted as they are… You don’t have to get right for God to love you. You don’t have to get right to belong to our family.

The church can be and should be a place to strategize. We should do more than just come to worship, we should plan how we can work together to make sure that God’s love and justice is at work in the world, and not just something we talk about.

What Makes Beloved Community Church Different?

We believe that everything we do, especially worship, ought to play a part in our liberation. At Beloved Community, worship is not a spectator event. You are an active participant in the worship experience. That means more than just saying "AMEN". Every Sunday we take time to talk in small groups about what we have heard and experienced in worship, and how we will apply it to our lives. 

Nelson Pierce


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