It is hard to find words for the complex set of emotions that we feel when someone we love dies. For some of us, our minds try to make sense of what has happened to help us to cope with it. For others of us, our emotions burst out in fits of tears or screams wanting to reject the awful news. Some of us feel the most intense emotions right away, others of us buckle down and get to work, holding off the emotions until later. Please know that however you and your family members are experiencing this loss, you have a community of people praying with and for you.

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To Coach DeeDee and all of those who loved Riki, 

We just want to say that we are praying for you as you grieve the passing of Riki. We pray that memories of her smile and the good times associated with those smiles will bring you some comfort. May her energy be radiated through your family and you love and support one another. 

Coach DeeDee, we are especially praying for you. Your commitment to strength is an inspiration for us. We pray that at times when you may not feel as strong, God will wrap you in arms of love and hold you in peace that is beyond understanding. 

We are praying for you. 

Pastor Nelson and your extended Beloved Family.

Nelson Pierce


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